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If you’re wondering if you should get your ears pierced with a gun or needle. The answer is simple; it’s better to go for aneedle! In this blog we’ll explain why, so read on for all of your answers (and then get pierced).


Needles are more hygienic, since we use a new needle for every piercing.

Less painful

Piercing with a needle is less painful because our needles are surgical quality (aka sharper) so it won't hurt as much as with a gun.

More accurate

We pierce slower and more accurate with a needle. With guns you have more chance of a misplaced piercing and your body might reject it.

What's a piercing?

Getting a piercing doesn't necessarily mean it has to go through your cartilage. Even the first pair of earrings, going into an earlobe are considered piercings! For any other piercings it’s standard that you pierce with needles but unfortunately for our ears, guns are still used way to often.

The importance of a needle


Piercings are for all ages!But it’s important to know why you, or your child, shouldn’t get pierced with a gun.Gun piercings don’t require a proper training so the chance of infections and inaccurate piercing placements are so much higher. It’s always best to get pierced by a professional to guide you through the proces.There are also some dangers when you piercecartilagewith a gun. The impact can rupture your cartilage because of pressure and force.If done professionally a needle piercing is absolutely harmless.

Once and for all, no guns

There are only disadvantages to piercing with a gun. Piercing guns are made from plastic and can't be properly sterilized. This means that guns could pass on diseases.

The blund stud that they use can cause scarring, pain and other complications.The butterfly lock on your earring used with guns can easily harbour dirt and bacteria which can cause infections.There is even a bigger chance of infection when they don't use te right material. Piercing studs used in guns are rarely made from high-quality materials such as stainless steal, silver or gold.

Only the best for you!

We understand that piercing with a gun may sound cheaper, but its not without risk. That is why we offer to pierce your ears for free! You only pay the price of the jewel, the service is on usOur piercers are certified and experienced- they'll talk you through this process while answering any questions if necessary and making sure everything goes smoothly (of course).

Skilled piercers

Our piercers are certified and experienced. Hygiene and safety are the most important to us. We ensure you the safest way of piercing possible.Piercing with a needle requires more training than piercing with a gun. If you get pierced with a gun it could be that the person who places your piercing did not get a proper training. That's why we ensure you that our piercers are in fact well trained and we only pierce with needles!

Our piercings

We use special made jewely to pierce your ears. Our piercings are 14K gold and are made to last forever. Unlike nickel, you won't have allergic reactions. Discover our selection below!

Get pierced for free

The piercing service is free with the purchase of your piercing.

1000+ Reviews

People love our piercings and we love them.

You're in safe hands

Our team of highly skilled piercers will give you the best experience.

Near you

We have 2 piercing studios and pierce on 5 locations

Piercing placements

There's a variety of options when it comes to the placement of your piercing. A piercing is a great way to show of your personal unique style. You can choose the kind of piercing you would like opfront or if you haven't decided yet you can choose in store. All our piercings are 14K gold so they will last forever.


1. LOBE - Healing time: 8 weeks - 3 months

2. UPPER LOBE - Healing time: 8 weeks - 3 months

3. CONCH - Healing time: 3 - 6 months

4. HELIX - Healing time: 3- 6 months

5. FLAT - Healing time: 3 - 6 months

6. FORWARD HELIX - Healing time: 3 - 8 months

7. TRAGUS - Healing time: 3 - 8 months


It's very important to take good care of your brand new piercing to avoid infections. Read all about it on our aftercare page!

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