So you've got your brand new piercing, yay! Now let us tell you the best way to take care of it, for a smooth healing time.

Cleaning your piercing

Always wash your hands before cleaning or touching your piercing. Use a cotton swab and dip this in our aftercare or a saline solution with no alcohol. Use one side to clean the front, by pushing your piercing backwards, and the other side for the back, by pushing your piercing forward. Do this at least twice per day for minimum 8 weeks. Even though your ear might look healed, this does not mean that the piercing process is complete. Stay patient and keep cleaning your piercing during the healing time.


Clean your piercing very well after taking a shower or bath. Make sure your piercing is screwed on tightly after cleaning it & check it regulary after a night's sleep. Do not remove your piercing during the healing process unless by a medical professional. Stay healhty, get enough sleep and balanced meals. Be careful with excercise during the healing process and try to avoid friction caused by clothing, this could lead to a longer healing time and complications. It's not recommended to swimming, go in hot tubs, saunas... 1 week after getting pierced since this could cause infections.

Healing process

Right after getting pierced there might be bleeding, swelling, sensivity or bruising. This is perfectly normal and will go away. During the healing process, you might experience discharge and sensitivity around the piercing. Please continute doing the aftercare. Your piercing is healed once the healing time is over and you no longer experience any discomfort or discharge. Please note that healed piercings can shrink and that it's advised to change your labret for a shorter one once fully healed.

Why we say


This is what your piercing will look like if you have slept on it and didn’t come back in time for your downsizing.
It is very important to check the healing process of your piercing regularly for the best results.

Don't turn your piercing

Wash your hands before touching and/or cleaning your piercing

Avoid cosmetic products around the piercing such as perfume, lotion or sprays.

Clean your piercing well after showering

Do not sleep on your new piercing

Use our aftercare or a saline solution with no additives

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