How to wear jewels in Winter

How to wear jewels in Winter

It’s getting cold outside, which leads us to say goodbye to our summer clothes and exchange the crop tops for our favorite winter sweaters. Even though the sweaters are getting thicker and hide and warm up your body, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off your jewels anymore. Get inspired by our tips and different winter looks. So you can start combining both.

Summer or Winter, the layering trend is never out fashion. The trend was hot in 2016 but in 2017, it’s even getting hotter. Layering is actually pretty easy. Combine three (or more) necklaces with different lengths. Go for a choker and match it with a medium size necklace and a longer one. A sweater with a V neckline is probably the easiest one to make sure everyone sees your beautiful jewelry. The different layers will give your outfit that cool extra touch and make it less basic. Don’t be afraid to combine a different kind of materials. You don’t always have to combine 3 golden necklaces with the same stone color. You can be your own stylist, and choose the colors you prefer to give your outfit an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to create a new combination.

If you are a “less is more” kind of person, you can go for one simple necklace which will also give your sweater an instantly chic look. Staying warm in style, check.

Layering doesn’t only count for necklaces. You can also perfectly combine different bracelets. Rol up your sleeves, so you can show off the jewelry. It’s an easy trick which gives your winter outfit that extra playful touch.

Did you just put your first steps in the jewelry world? Keep it as simple as possible by combining some neutral rings. In our newest collection, we have both statement rings as thin, delicate rings. As we already said, you can combine whatever you want and make it your own style.

I hope you got inspired by the combinations we made of I.Ma.Gi.N’s new collection. Be brave, even though you first think there is no match, try new things out. Now go start combining those sweaters with your favorite jewelry ;-). Stay warm and have fun!

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