Silver is one of the most popular precious metals on earth and I.Ma.Gi N Jewels has been a proud supporter for years! It was only natural then, that when designing our first collection in 2013 it would be filled with sterling silver pieces to represent this beautiful metal as mainstay jewelry material.


The undeniable cooler metal (in shade and edge) is an important part of a balanced jewelry collection. This precious element has been used for centuries, dating back to King Edward I's time when he required all silver be 92.5% pure - today we see markings like 925 on our sterling pieces!

The allure of pure silver is undeniable. Our pieces are crafted from 92.5% pure silver, which means they're ready for any occasion and will never tarnish! We also plate them in rhodium to give it an extra shine that's ideal for day-to-day wear or when you want your jewelry piece seen right away.

How to take care of your silver jewelry

Like your favorite vermeil styles, sterling silver is best when handled with care. Exposure to the elements or personal care products may cause it to oxidize- but don't worry! The oils on your skin keep this precious metal from tarnishing as fast so wear your jewel proudly and often for years.

So, you've been wondering how to keep your jewelry from tarnishing and oxidizing? Well it's just a matter of storing them correctly. Make sure the pieces are kept dry and not in direct sunlight; then use silver polish cloths (or other cleaning methods) for an instant shine!

How to style your silver jewelry

We love silver because it has a cool, casual feel to it. Silver jewelry feels modern yet timeless and the easiest way to add some shine into your life is simply by layering up with our favorite metal - you can play around styles for full looks that work well together without fear of clashing or mismatching whatsoever!

Jewelry is personal, and there are no rules about how you should wear it. Do you tend to choose gold rather than silver? No matter your jewelry habits, we think that a baby golden hoop paired with some sleek silver accessories would be just lovely!

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