Why stop at one necklace when you can curate your very own collection by mastering the art of layering? Whatever style you choose, we believe that the more the merrier! 

Follow along as we share our tips to layering your necklaces like a pro.

The perfect starter set

If you just started layering we recommend looking into our June & Cloud necklace, these short necklaces make the perfect pair start to your layering adventures.

Tip: because all our necklaces have 3 different locks, you can wear your June & Cloud simultaneously for a classic & sophisticated neckline! 

Lock your locks

To avoid neckmess we recommend attaching your locks to each other. Instead of detangling your layers 4 times a day, it suffices to turn all your locks back with one swift movement.

Works every time

The easiest way to layer is to look at necklace length! Add a chokershort necklace, and long necklace together for the quintessential layered look. 

Mix and match chains or styles

Both eclectic and with a nod to bohemianism, layering unexpected pairings can lead to a delightful and nonchalant look! Combine a bold chunky chain with a dainty necklace and get the best of both worlds!  

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