J.U.N.E. White Diamond


  • “Whether you are looking to mark a life-defining moment, show your unconditional love or friendship to someone, or simply want to celebrate an exceptional personal achievement, a J.U.N.E. Diamonds jewel, for all its brilliance, rarity, uniqueness and timeless elegance, is definitely the best way to do so.

    The J.U.N.E Diamonds Collection presents a range of timeless yet unique jewels, which are all hand crafted at the heart of Antwerp by masters of the industry. Each diamond of the J.U.N.E. Diamonds Collection has been selected for its exquisite qualities in terms of Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat-weight and Origin, and is set in a beautiful and refined 14K golden jewel.


  • This timeless 14k yellow gold solitaire ring is all about feminine elegance. Gorgeous in its simplicity, it would make a lovely engagement ring or a special gift. As soon as the diamond catches a ray of sunlight starlike sparkle will enchant your senses.

    Exquisite 0.05 ct diamond and solid 14 kt yellow gold