Ba Stud Multi


  • Stud rings are awesome for many reasons, and with the new Stud Pave design, we have just added another reason to love them even more. The Stud Pave ring combines a classic “June” brilliant with the mesmerizing “Pave” on the other extremity of the open ring. Now available in “Red Carpet Black” and “Playful Multi” editions, the choice will not be easy…

    Tip: If you are opting for only one piece of jewelry to wear today, we say go for the Stud Pave ring. If you're looking to combine this beauty, there are literally no limits, but the pave designs just look amazing together.

  • Matière: L’argent massif et vermeil 18 carat

    La bague en taille 52 peut être sere en taille 50
    La bague en taille 56 peut être sere en taille 54