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Charms are back, and this time they are here to stay!
We are so excited to introduce our beautiful collection of charms, from playful letters and iconic pendants to sparkling stones and gems. All are inspired by fine jewellery, and designs that never grow old. Some are even created in collaboration with incredible people that inspire us to give our best every day.

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  1. A Yellow
  2. Charm Palmtree  Yellow
    Charm Palmtree
  3. Charm Sea Yellow
    Charm Sea
  4. Charm Leaf White Yellow
    Charm Leaf White
  5. Charm shell white Yellow
    Charm shell white
  6. Charm libellule Yellow
    Charm libellule
  7. Charm Palmtree white Yellow
    Charm Palmtree white
  8. Charm Snake Yellow
    Charm Snake
  9. Charm leaf Yellow
    Charm leaf
  10. Key Cloud Yellow
    Key Cloud
  11. Key Heart Yellow
    Key Heart
  12. Key round Yellow
    Key round
  13. Xl round enrgaving Yellow
    Xl round engraving
  14. Charm heart white Yellow
    Charm heart white
  15. Charm heart Yellow
    Charm heart
  16. Charm budda Yellow
    Charm budda
  17. Charm happy. Yellow
    Charm happy.
  18. Charm dream Yellow
    Charm dream
  19. Charm love Yellow
    Charm love
  20. Charm amour Yellow
    Charm amour
  21. Heart engraving yellow
    Heart engraving
  22. Exotic owl Yellow
    Exotic owl
  23. Exotic hashtag Yellow
    Exotic hashtag
  24. Cross red Yellow
    Cross red