Tips and tricks: how to keep your jewelry clean

Tips and tricks: how to keep your jewelry clean

Are you also over the moon after buying brand new jewelry? We get you and can imagine you want the ring on your finger to look as pretty as the first day you wore it. Well lucky you, that’s possible. Every jewel changes after a while and to avoid getting a different color or not to shine bright like a diamond anymore; we will give you the perfect tips and tricks to keep your jewelry as clean as you bought it.

I.Ma.Gi.N. offers different materials like silver, rose gold and 18 karat-gold. For our newest collection, we upgraded the thickness of the rose gold layer from 1 to 2 micron. That may sound a little bit too technical, but it means, the quality of the jewelry has improved so you can keep your favorite pieces in a perfect condition for a very long time. Of course, you have to keep an eye at the jewelry yourself and clean your jewelry from time to time to enhance its life expectancy.

Jewels are meant to be worn as much as possible. However, in some cases, it is advised to remove them in order to avoid damaging them unnecessarily. Like you better take off your jewels while doing manual tasks, especially when chemicals or cleaning fluids are involved. Also be very careful with cosmetics such as hairspray, perfumes, make-up or lotions. As these products often contain chemicals which risk damaging your favorite jewels, it is best to put on your jewelry afterwards.We understand you rather have your jewelry close to you but to avoid damage, take it off when bathing, showering or spending time in swimming pools and spas. Soap and chlorinated water can react with the materials found in jewelry, causing discoloration. And if you are a sporty spice or a #fitgirl, please don’t take your jewelry to the gym. Solid equipment and heavy impacts are likely to cause damage to your jewelry.

The best advice we can give you for cleaning up jewelry is, use a dedicated jewelry cleaning products and a jewelry polishing cloth. Regular soap can cause a film to form around the jewel, making it look dull, and anything other than a special jewelry polishing cloth may cause scratches. With each I.Ma.Gi.N. purchase, you get a free polishing cloth, so use it.

Does every material we offer changes color? No, it depends. Silver can get a black color after wearing it for a while. But the chance that it happens with rose gold is bigger. Rose gold is original silver but got an extra layer of gold. This is the hardest material to keep clean. Maybe you already experienced that after a while rose rings or bracelets get a dirty layer on it or got more a silver color than before. One of the main reasons for that is the damp weather. Certainly in the summer, if it’s too hot and you are (yes, we all do) start sweating. It’s a typical reaction and the only right thing to do is clean it up after that (hot) day. Gold jewelry, gets in general less dirty or grease than silver.

If you take off your jewelry, because you have to wear 20 other necklaces for the first time (duh), storage it the right way. The right place can make a big difference in the life expectancy of your jewelry. First of all, it is recommended that you store your jewelry in a safe and dry place, away from direct (sun) light.
Silver can oxidase when it’s exposed to the light, so always store it in its original box. Important much: don’t put them all in the same packaging. We all know the struggle of finding necklaces back, interlaced with each other. Not only, you lose a lot of time; there is also a high risk of damaging your favorite jewels. So keep it apart and never put it together or in a plastic bag.

If you follow these tips and tricks, we assure you, you’ll enjoy your jewels for a very long time. See you soon!

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