Our Summer ambassadors

What does summer mean to you?

To a lot of people, summer promises holiday and the beach. Going abroad, “exploring new land” and being an old fashioned tourist. It doesn’t mean staying inside, on the contrary, the world is your oyster and this season is the perfect one to live up to that quote’s true meaning.

We selected six amazing girls, who all have different summer plans this season. Six different types, different characters who met only once. When they did, the room lit up as if fireworks were going off. We’re proud to present our six Summer Ambassadors.


Their summer plans and tips and tricks

Laura, 22, Ghent, student

-       Roadtripping in Italy. Later this summer? Visiting Spain and citytripping to Budapest.
-       “It’s such a coincidence that this new summer collection from I.Ma.Gi.N. calls ‘Cinque Terre’ because Cinque Terre in Italy is amazing. When you’re a physically active person, you can explore all the small villages by foot. It’s good for your health and in the meantime you get rewarded with stunning views! At the last stop, you take the train all the way back to the beginning where you can rest and chill at the beach. The perfect end to a perfect day!”


Femke, 27, Antwerp, flight attendant

-       Sailing along the Croatian coast. Later this summer? Partying in Bali and Ibiza!
-       “What an experience we had, sailing along the Croation coast. The feeling of being all alone on the earth is the most amazing thing about sailing, not to forget the wonderful deep colored sunsets. My motto when I’m on holidays? Everything is possible, nothing’s a must. I love last minute decisions because it feels like one big adventure and you always end up in unexpectedly nice spots.

A real recommendation? Moro Beach Stupe, a place only reachable by boat, near Korcula. It’s a very exclusive beach club on a private island. Spotting dolphins from the deck of your boat is my other recommendation. You just feel like a queen then.”


Elise, 30, Roeselare, copywriter

-       Camping in the Ardens. Later this summer? Exploring the Greek islands.
-       “In July our first camping trip of 2019 is a fact. After a long waiting time it’s finally here. On me and my boyfriend’s itinerary? Dipping in a river in the Ardens and taking a long hike around Belgium's one and only official mountain river ‘le Ninglinspo’. Waking up by birdsong and lighting bonfires at night. Being truly one with nature. Love it!”

-       Exploring the Greek islands
-       “In September we’re travelling to Greece. Our only to-do over there: cruising around the little islands by motorcycle looking for the most beautiful and remote beaches and bays. And eat fresh fish. Yummie!”


May, 23, Oudsbergen, fysiotherapist

-       Traveling to Bali to go surfing
-       “In August, I’m leaving for Bali. There’s a surfing village called Canggu that’s the place to be for rookies, who want to learn the skills of surfing like me. Then I’m going to Lombok where I’ll be spending a lot of time in nature, all by myself. From Lombok I’m heading to the Gili islands. After these weeks, my best friend will be joining me and we’ll return to the heart of Bali, called Ubud, where we’ll spend a lot of time in the green rice fields and take adventurous showers in waterfalls. The islands Nusa Penida and Lembongan are also on our traveling schedule. We’ll cross the islands on a scooter.

But before all of this, you can find me at Pukkelpop, a great festival in the most exotic province of Belgium: Limburg.”


Louise, 23, Antwerp, HR consultant

-       Visiting Rome and Puglia.Later this summer? Taking in Venice and partying in Ibiza.
-       “My I.Ma.Gi.N. Summer is going great so far! Our trip to Italy was one to frame and hang on the wall. Rome was our first stop. The hot temperatures provided us with a great excuse to enjoy Italian wine. In my opinion, apart from visiting the famous buildings and squares, a true must do in Rome is strolling down the small alleys and eat pasta all day long, pretending to be a real Italian. A real nice neighbourhood is Trasteverre, on the other side of the river.

After our time in Rome, we continued our trip to Puglia, the heel of the Italian boot. We drove to Alberobello, a typical village consisting of traditional small white houses with a pointed roof, known as trullis. A sight for the eye!


Carolien, 24, Antwerp, heritage expert

-       Backpacking around Malaysia
-       “I can definitely strongly recommend travelling to Malaysia. Up until now the journey was already a blast! We’ve seen and done a lot of great things. Stunning nature, lots of wildlife, great food… Especially our snorkeling adventure on the Perhentian Islands (‘the Maldives of Malaysia’). The following days we’ll go on a safari along the river in Borneo, the purest jungle of the country. There’s a beach in the middle of the jungle so we can unplug before heading home.”