Antwerp Most Brilliant Label

Antwerp Most Brilliant Label

I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels recently became the 25th jeweler to earn the ‘Antwerp’s Most Brilliant’ quality label. Together with the Antwerp diamond industry, I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels will be unveiling the 3rd iteration of the DnA Collection: ‘SHINE"

This year the DnA collection was designed by I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels. Margaux Spruyt and Gilles Van Gestel from I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels are both passionate about jewelry and diamond. Margaux has been designing jewelry since she was 16 and grew up with a father and grandfather active in the Antwerp diamond sector. Gilles, on the other hand, is a certified gemstone expert and already active in the diamond and jewelery sector for the 7th generation.

They were immediately able to find the idea behind the DnA collection. "We think it is important to keep our jewelry affordable so that people can buy a jewel for themselves and not have to wait for a special occasion," says Margaux. “The idea that diamond jewelry is priceless and belongs to a special occasion is a bit outdated. Women often come to our stores who want to give themselves a gift and that is perfectly possible with our affordable collections. ”

The central pieces from the new "SHINE" collection are a bracelet and pendant with a round plate where a diamond is placed in the quote "Shine like a diamond". On the back you can have a personal message engraved. "The collection consists of a number of timeless yet unique jewels, all handmade in Antwerp," says Margaux. "All the diamonds in the collection are of excellent quality and were crafted with the craftsmanship for which Antwerp is known, and set in a refined 14-carat gold jewel."

I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels is Antwerp's 25th Most Brilliant jeweler
What makes this third DnA collection extra special is that I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels has just received the ‘Antwerp’s Most Brilliant’ quality label. To obtain this label, the jeweler must meet strict conditions regarding sustainability, safety, morality, transparency, service and business stability.
“Consumers attach great importance to sustainability and the origin of a diamond and a jewel. A diamond jewel becomes even more valuable if it is accompanied by a positive story, "says Margaux. “We are therefore very proud that we can now call ourselves an‘ Antwerp’s Most Brilliant ’jeweler. Customers can buy a jewel with confidence. ”More information on
“SHINE - A Diamonds & Antwerp Collection by I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels ”is now available in all I.Ma.Gi.N. Jewels stores and in the DIVA museum.

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